Story of Alex Lewis


While working for Nouveau Beauty Group, I have had the rare occasion to be asked to gather materials and create an emotional story on Alex Lewis, which later served the purpose of spreading awareness about his disease and help gather funds for the Alex Lewis Trust.

In November 2013 Alex Lewis, father-of-one, caught a common cold. In an extremely rare case, the cold developed into toxic shock syndrome with shattering effects. Alex lost both legs, both arms and part of his face as doctors fought to save him. With incredible access to a candid and inspirational family, this life affirming film captures a man turning a horrific situation into a triumph of human achievement. Over two years regaining his personality and identity as a father and husband.

A major role in his recovery was been taken by Karen Betts, which though permanent makeup tattooing has managed to recreate Alex’ facial features such as lips and stubble.